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28 June 2013 @ 08:04 am
Just wondering if we shouldn't launch an appeal for the site - I think renewal is up august time ....
erendira959: Hermanilloserendira959 on June 28th, 2013 08:23 am (UTC)
Of course we have to...I was telling Tonny for weeks,but her life is been such hectic now,but we're still in time...I`m doing my donation this next week.
Gem: JoeSmileByLolagemelliragazza on June 28th, 2013 02:59 pm (UTC)
Let me know where and when I can chip in!
erendira959: Hermanilloserendira959 on June 28th, 2013 05:16 pm (UTC)
Just click the "donate" button at the end of the main page....whenever you want before August,I guess... :D
Nazz88: coolcatnazz88 on June 28th, 2013 03:20 pm (UTC)
Through Paypal, like we did before - is the old account still existing?

Edited at 2013-06-28 03:21 pm (UTC)
Tonny: This is youandnolewen on June 28th, 2013 08:58 pm (UTC)
I'll write one :)
nuit2005: mata.bday12nuit2005 on June 29th, 2013 07:52 am (UTC)
The Pay Pal account still exists - so thats good to go. Thanks Tonny!